Election Results

President: Mark Goodhart

Vice President: Glen Carpenter

Secretary-Treasurer: Scott Huentelman

Recording Secretary: Shane Latta

Trustees (3): Ken Sandy, Brad Powers, Dan Pence

Conductor Sentinel: Carl Cragwall

Auditors (3): Jerrod Planck, John Pomfrey, Garrett Heaney


Committee Positions:

1st  Shift Maintenance (UT, Cons, MP, Locksmith, GAR, AC): Keith Gibson

2nd Shift Machining (Plantwide): Chris Flack

3rd Shift Machining & Maintenance (Plantwide): Greg Pelgen

1st Shift Utility Operator: Chris Stephens

2nd Shift Utility Operator: Ron McKeehan

2nd Shift Fire Inspector: Larry Gassert

3rd Shift Fire Inspector: Brad Powers


IAM LL912 monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the UAW 863 Hall on 10708 Reading Road.

Check for meeting updates here on our website and Facebook page plus on shop bulletin boards.



IAM Local Lodge 912 was chartered on January 24, 1952 – that’s over 71 years of helping working families.

Pensions, medical insurance, paid vacation, holidays, personal time, sick pay, shift differential, apprenticeship and training opportunities, higher education, safe working conditions, and protections against unsafe work practices – These benefits are generally not only better in a union shop, many of these don’t even exist without a union contract.


The 2022 IAM LL 912 Golf Tournament raised $6,900 for the Guide Dogs of America!  Thanks to all of our golfers and volunteers.


Evendale, Ohio