IAM Local Lodge 912 Leadership

President Mark Goodhart  (Click to e-mail President Goodhart )

Vice President Glen Carpenter (Click to e-mail VP Carpenter)

Recording Secretary Shane Latta (Click to e-mail RS Latta)

Treasurer Scott Huentelman (Click to e-mail Treasurer Huentelman)

Trustee Ken Sandy (Click here to e-mail Trustee Sandy)

Trustee Dan Pence (Click here to e-mail Trustee Pence)

Trustee Brad Powers (Click here to e-mail Trustee Powers)

Conductor-Sentinel Carl Cragwall (Click here to e-mail C/S Cragwall)

Committee Chair Dan Darrell (Click here to e-mail Brother Darrell)

Committeeman Keith Gibson (Click here to e-mail Brother Gibson)

Committeeman Guy Evans (Click here to e-mail Brother Evans)

Committeeman Craig Smith (Click here to e-mail Brother Smith)

Committeeman Steve Tatman (Click here to e-mail Brother Tatman)

Committeeman Chris Flack (Click here to e-mail Brother Flack)

Committeeman Greg Pelgen (Click here to e-mail Brother Pelgen)

Committeeman Nate Mueller (Click here to e-mail Brother Mueller)

IAM International Leadership

IAM International President Brian Bryant


IAM General Secretary-Treasurer Dora Cervantes


Eastern Territory GVP David Sullivan


Other Links:

IAM International Executive Council, CLICK HERE.

IAM Eastern Territory, CLICK HERE.

IAM International Headquarters, CLICK HERE.

Ohio State Council of Machinists, CLICK HERE.

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