2018 IAM LL 912 Elections

Elected positions will be for three-year terms.  Election is on Thursday, December 6.

Committee Positions:
1st Shift Maintenance (NBM, ACT, DA, DET, PETO, MTC)
Dan Darrell
Matt Sellet

1st Shift Maintenance (EMO, SBM, ASM)
Matt Babb
Guy Evans

2nd Shift Maintenance (Plantwide)
Chad Klump
Steve Tatman

1st Shift Machining (ACT, DIMO, MTL, IAS)
Matt Finley

1st Shift Machining (ASM, MTC, SPO, TCG, Toolroom)
Leonard “Mator” Martini
James Grim

Delegate Positions:
Ohio State Council of Machinists Delegate (1 to be elected)
Blake Benson

AFL-CIO Delegates (3 to be elected)
Hank Short
Mark Koch
Tom Hartel

District 34 Delegate (1 to be elected)
Carl Cragwall