Ohio CEOs Are Making Almost 300 Times What Average Employees Make


According to the AFL-CIO’s Executive PayWatch, Ohio S&P 500 CEOs are being paid about 290 times what the average rank-and-file worker makes.  That’s an average of $10.9 million per year vs. $37,600 per year for production and non-supervisory workers.

When inflation is taken into account, worker’s wages have remained more or less the same for half a century.

“The income inequality crisis in our country continues unabated,” said Tim Burga, Ohio AFL-CIO President.  “Our economy continues to be rigged by those at the top and working people continue to pay a big price. These findings highlight the need for a greater emphasis on strong collective action to ensure that wages rise, rights get restored, and workers finally get the dignity and respect they’ve earned.”

According to Salary.com, GE Aviation CEO David Joyce made over $10 million in compensation in 2016.