Why Right-To-Work … Is Wrong for Ohio

 There is a lot of information flowing about Right-To-Work today, and a lot of misinformation.

These are the facts:

  • On-the-job death rates are 49% higher. 
  • For workers living in RTW states, the average median income is $681 less per month than workers in non-RTW states.
  • Workers in right-to-work states are less likely to have health insurance.
  • Union workers have more safety training and are more likely to have gone through an apprenticeship.
  • Communities lose jobs when wages are lowered by RTW.  The Economic Policy Institute estimates that for every $1 million in wage cuts, the local economy sheds six jobs.
  • Right to work is not a deciding factor in where businesses locate.  Studies show this over and over.  On the other hand, a talented workforce is a factor.


In right-to-work companies, management is in control of the entire process.  They dictate where to work and how to do it.  In free-bargaining locations, when a worker is concerned regarding their safety around questionable equipment, they can refuse to operate it without fear of rebuke. When was the last time billionaires spent millions of dollars to give workers more rights and more freedom on the job? Never.


Middle-class families don’t support lower wages or less safe workplaces. Ohio does not need to join the ranks of neighboring RTW states. It is an extreme, outdated, partisan agenda. Right to work is wrong. Wrong for working people. Wrong for Ohio. Wrong for all of us. Don’t trust it and don’t trust anyone trying to peddle this bad idea under the guise of freedom.